Who could we BE ?

I am Alan Froggatt, the founder behind Genratec, a powerhouse in Generative Coaching and Integral Leadership. We have been involved in the deep work, research and experience of change and leadership for nearly three great decades.

With a global reach spanning many thousands of individuals more than a dozen countries, we’re redefined what it means to be generative for people, leadership and business. Creating lives, careers, businesses and communities that transcend habits and paradigms and learn to create their future.

At 17 I started working with people in human development, a psychotherapist at the age of 26, and since then, I’ve built successful companies and collectives in human development, business, innovation, and ecology. I’ve coached and consulted hundreds of thriving leaders and companies, fostered vibrant communities, and advised boards, founders and captains dedicated to leading their fields.

But most of all I am a unwavering advocate for the capability and power of human beings to step up, to grow, to be powerful and do great things. To dig deep and fearlessly to harness the forces of crisis and turn lead into gold. To meet the tip points and challenges of life, markets and business. To learn to see ahead, find  and develop opportunities to release the extraordinary untapped capability of individuals and collectives to transform. And at this moment in history, with the complexity and speed underfoot, we need models, maps and the best of humanity standing up and leading more than ever.

As the game changes and new opportunities emerge we can either architect or abdicate of our destiny.
I invite you to step up, to step in and bring your best onto the field of play.
With the awareness and tools we can shape a future we give a damn about.

If you are up against a challenge, reach out, or if you are committed to extraordinary reach and future for you and those around you, then get the support you need. From where-ever you can find it.
Define a path forward, reach out to those that will support and back you and dig in to work deep. And if you need someone in your corner… then lets talk.
I’m looking forward to knowing who you are and what you want to create.

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