What can I do.

Robert Reich

Often a few frameworks create perspective. With Trump in the White House, people are asking “what can I do?” Here’s one small step (and it’s tax-deductible).


Our approach is straightforward. We produce compelling original film and video, share our content through social media and media outlets to raise awareness about the issues, and partner with leading organizations to provide an avenue through which viewers can engage, mobilize, and take action.

our mission

Use the power of storytelling to inform and engage the public about the realities and impacts of inequality and imbalance of power in America.

Inequality Media uses videos to explain complex economic ideas in a way that everyone can understand. We believe in the power of storytelling to inform and engage. And we believe in the power of an informed and engaged public to bring about change because how we understand a problem dictates what options are on the table to fix it. Our ultimate vision is an economy that works for everyone.

Alan Froggatt

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