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MYOB Article: “One of the key findings of the survey was that over half – 57 per cent – of the SME owners surveyed spent less than two hours per week on business activities that were not related to the day-to-day operation,”
”Only 16 per cent of SME owners spend more than half a day per week on non-operational business activities.“

Alans Commentary: In a world of innovation, this is simply not enough to keep up the line to create a market, innovation or leadership edge.  Without a more significant investment in thinking, strategy and process improvement the business itself is becoming dated; growing older and will not be able to meet the challenges and complexities of tomorrow.

”The survey also asked business owners what they would do if they had one day of free time in the next week to spend on their business. The most pressing tasks weighing on time-poor business owners are the administrative ones they struggle to get to, with 48 per cent saying they would spend the day on general administration like filing and cleaning out the email inbox.

Alans Commentary: This stat suggests a lack of understanding of leverage; what actually drives a business.
Once you’ve spent that day on clearing your email. It will pile up again. How many thought of a process to stem the tide of emails?

As some developing businesses and business leaders  you have to listen to what the stats are saying a little deeper down. Take the next step. Ask why? What impact would that have? How would that really make a fundamental difference.

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Alan Froggatt

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